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HS rear spar – ready for rivets

My new DRDT2 dimpler arrived last night so I managed to sneak out into the shed after putting the kids to bed to put it together. It’s bigger and heavier than what I was expecting. All I need to do now is figure out how to use the damn thing. I’m sure its more difficult than it looks and there will be some knack I have to master in order to get nice dimples. Anyhooooo…

I deburred the HS rear spar, spar supports, angles and elevator hinge bearing … and anything else I could find with a hole or edge. The plans don’t explicitly mention what to deburr. It just has three little words “deburr all parts”. I wasn’t sure if it meant just the hinge bearing assembly that was the subject of that step in the instructions, or if it meant all parts on the HS spar. I thought I had better err on the side of caution (deburr on the side of caution?) and do everything. The only thing I couldn’t deburr were the pre-punched holes in the spar channel flange on the web side (inside). My deburring tool couldn’t fit in there so I’ve emailed Vans for advice. Great little tool this…

UPDATE: Vans advised that just the holes that were match drilled require deburring at this point. All other holes will be matchdrilled/deburred later on in the build.

It made easy work of deburring the seemingly endless number of holes. Here’s an action photo!

I thought I could try out the self-etching primer in a can and shoot the elevator hinge bearing. This could be drying whilst I was deburring.

I removed the vinyl from under side of the HS spar channels and deburred all the holes I match drilled. By the time I finished this the bearing was touch dry so I flipped it over and shot the other side with primer. All ready to rivet the bearing assembly together now. I have no experience in riveting so I’m going to practice on some scrap prior to working on the kit. That’s the plan for this weekend so I put all the rear spar parts on my tool bench. I laid out the first pieces of the HS forward spar and clecoed them together ready for the next building session.

A tad over 1 hr building tonight.


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