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HS inner ribs

I snuck into the shed when I had a couple of opportunities today. There were a few steps which the kids could assist with minimal risk to damaging my precious parts. The next step in the instructions called for the main rib aft flanges to be drilled out to #21 to match the rear hole … Continue reading

HS skins

Hmmm…a royal wedding…a perfect opportunity to duck into the shed methinks. Congrats to Katherine and William. Loved the Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane formation fly past. The plans called for the HS spars, main ribs and outer ribs to be clecoed together and the rib/spar attachments holes to be drilled to #30 (except for the main … Continue reading

HS ribs – done

Last night I managed to get a good build session in. I finished edge finishing and deburring the last 2 ribs. Then it was time to scuff them. I had to get rid of those pesky white sticky labels. Fortunately Un-Du made quick work of them. It’s acid free, photo safe, and won’t mark/etch/stain – … Continue reading

HS ribs – day 2

Spent this afternoon preparing the edges and deburring the HS ribs. Managed to get 7 done today. 2 left to go. Build time 2 hrs.

Paint scheme idea

I bought a copy of the RV-7 paint scheme modeller from http://www.airplanecolor.com. It’s a great application and easy to use. I came up with this paint scheme for what I want my RV-7 to look like. I know it’s probably a loooooooooong way off but I wanted to get a really good picture of what … Continue reading

HS ribs

Whilst I am waiting to hear back about my dimpling/countersinking query, I made a start on the HS ribs. First I had to notch the inner forward ribs so that they can fit between the angle reinforcements on the forward spar. I marked these the day before so I clamped them to the bench, then … Continue reading

HS rear spar riveting

After my last 2 days of rivet practice, I felt comfortable squeezing the rivets on the elevator hinge assembly. The plans call for -4-5 length rivets but a lot of builders went with the longer -4-6 rivets in order to get the right tail length. When I compared the -4-5 and -4-6 rivets in position, … Continue reading

More rivet practice

Managed to get back into the shed today. I was keen to make a 2nd test piece that would allow me to try several different rivet sets in the one piece. I made a test piece using 3 strips of 0.025″ alclad. Two of the strips were the same size but the third strip was … Continue reading

First rivets = first blood

I got my pneumatic tools and compressor all connected, oiled and tested yesterday. I was keen to experiment with this stuff and get a feel for these tools. Using some spare alclad I drilled some holes between two strips and tried out the rivet gun and bucking bar. The shortest -4 rivets I had were … Continue reading

HS fwd spar – cleaning up the mess

After putting the kids to bed, and a nice glass of Cab Sav, I decided to head to the shed to see what I could make of the botched relief notch in the HS forward spar. I figured I’d try and clean up the notch using a reamer and needle files and try and get … Continue reading