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Empennage – Ordered

Well I’ve done it…  Empennage Kit has been ordered.

If you were like me and had no idea what an “empennage” was, it’s what I colloquially call the tail section.  The Vans website says this sub-kit contains:

Empennage Kit
  • All skins pre-cut, bent and rolled. RV-7/7A, RV-8/8A, and RV-9A skins are pre-punched for all rivet holes.
  • All spars formed, essentially ready to install. All the rivet holes for the skins and ribs of the RV-7/7A, RV8/8A and RV-9/9A kits are punched…you can cleco entire assemblies together without picking up a drill!
  •  All ribs press-formed. RV-7/7A, RV-8/8A, and RV-9/9A are matched punched to the skins and spars.
  •  Spar re-enforcement strips milled to correct size and taper. RV-7/7A, RV-8/8A, and RV-9/9A strips are pre-punched to match the spars.
  • Hinge brackets, control horns and other steel parts are supplied ready to install.
  • Premolded fiberglass tips for all surfaces are included.
  • All necessary nuts, bolts, rivets, washers, bearings, etc., are included.

I am getting this via air freight so fingers crossed it should arrive next week.  Woohoo!


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