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Capacitive Fuel Sender Plates

Today I made the capacitive fuel sender plates for my fuel tanks. I decided to use some of my old, damaged wing skins as stock.

After measuring the internal dimensions between the 2nd and 3rd rib, I made a cardboard mockup of the plate to ensure a good fit.

I then marked out 2 of these plates and cut them out using snips. I positioned the mark out so that some of the pre-drilled holes in the skin were aligned along one edge, to save on drilling.

I then deburred the edges using my wheel and the drill holes using TIMMY. I had forgotten about that tool! Here are the finished plates.

I am going to check their dimensions with another builder. I may need to make these skinnier which I can easily do by trimming off some of the long edge if required. Once I have the dimensions confirmed I will make another set for the other fuel tank.

Rob Montgomery from the SABC was also kind enough to send me a link to the capacitive fuel plate converter available from Princeton Electronics. The link is here.

Total build time: 1 hr.

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