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Damage assessment

After a 2 year hiatus, I am pleased to advise that my new shed has been set up and I have started working on the plane again. Yay!

I removed the wings from storage and moved them onto their stands in their new home.


Once there I gave them a good once over to see what damage had occurred during storage/transport. This inspection revealed that the 4 of the 8 wing skins had tears and/or folds, most likely from when the wings dropped off the frames during transport on the truck. The lead edge skins, fuel tanks, ribs and spars all looked good.

The left, top, outer skin had a tear on the outboard edge near the spar and a fold on its trailing edge

The left, bottom, outer skin had a tear on its trailing edge

The left, bottom, inner skin had a large fold on its trailing edge.

The right, bottom, outer skin also had a fold on its outer edge. I removed these skins and attempted to flatten out the folds but I found the skin to stretched too much so it would not return back to its flat shape. I was concerned that this would cause unbalance drag and upset the trim of the aircraft in flight (even though they were small) so I’ve decided to replace all 4 skins with new ones from Vans. While these are being shipped I can continue to work on the fuel tanks.

Build time this session = 1hr. Yay! I’m building again!

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